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Fighting for you


Brent Schafer from Schafer Law Firm really put my mind at ease. Brent walked me through everything in a clear concise manner which was great. My case was dismissed and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Brent!

—— Tim Jochim - February 2021 -

Brent did great with my case! I would recommend Brent to anyone!

—— Russell Henderson - January 2021 -

Brent Schafer went above and beyond on multiple occasions for me in Dakota County! Very personable and professional. I would highly recommend!

—— Jon Lynner - December 2020 -

We found ourselves in need of a lawyer and preferred to have someone local. Upon 1st meeting Brent Schafer we knew that he would be the perfect lawyer for us and he did not disappoint. Took time to explain things and kept us informed during our legal process. Great communication skills and happy with the outcome in the end.

—— Joyce McCue - January 2020 -

I would recommend Brent in a minute, he is truly responsive and a great lawyer. He does his best to get you the best possible deal. He is quick and he is very on top of it. If you need a lawyer—don’t look anywhere else.

—— Fartun A. - December 2019 -

Best lawyer I have ever dealt with... so knowledgeable and walked me through every possible option and made what he promised happen!!!  

—— Matt B. - November 2019 -

One of my children got into a sticky situation. I found Mr. Schafer online and had an initial consult with him. Not only did he help put my mind at ease and walk me through the situation and what to expect, he also did it with my child. We had a great end result due to his knowledge of the law and ability to negotiate with the prosecutor.

—— Pat D. - June 2019 -

This guy is a stand up good man with the most things I was facing for 4 year old warrant probation violation I had not finished till I was forced to he helped me get out same week and actually did something I wish I had money 4 years ago to hire him to begin with all due respect Scott county I would never been in this position to begin with not that I am perfect but I think money what that county is all about be doing the most good for you. Thank you Mr. Schafer for the ride from jail to MOA so I could get back home fast.

—— Joel R. - May 2019 -

Brent Schafer is a great lawyer! I set up a consultation with him and he was able to work around my work schedule to meet. He gave me great advise and was very professional. After leaving his office I felt a lot better and less stressed on my case. If you need a criminal defense attorney he's the guy to go to.

—— Brian S. - February 2019 -

I reached out to Brent Schafer 4am regarding my son's case and he got back to me by 8am . I told him what I needed him for and we met at court at 12: 30 PM same day and he took care of the situation for us 

Just like, he's great at what he does. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS LAW FIRM to any one.

So thankfull to find him.

—— Rejoice M. - February 2019 -

Brent was very sincere and proactive during this tough situation, very knowledgeable and got an amazing result on my case!

—— Anania A. - January 2019 -

Professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Schafer Law takes pride in helping people.

—— Ben J. - December 2018 -

Schafer law firm did an excellent job of helping me with a difficult case! Knowledge and understanding was supporting and very helpful! Quick response time! I would recommend this firm to handle all needs! THANK YOU BRENT SCHAFER!

—— J Kadlec, December 2018 -

Perfect mix of professionalism, knowledge, experience and perspectives !

—— Santosh S., August 2018 -

I have seen Mr Schafer try cases and have personally dealt with him on a number of issues. He is an excellent lawyer, a person who is honest, straight forward and an accomplished trial lawyer.

—— Jim C., March 2018 -

Schafer law firm truly CARES about people! One attorney spent a half hour assisting me and gave me GREAT advice! I spoke to 5 other lawyers from different firms around the Twin Cities, and Schafer Law Firm was the BEST!!!! Thank you for your help!

—— Cynthia D., March 2018 -

I interviewed 3 attorneys to help me when I was in a bad situation. Mr. Schafer was the one I chose. Glad I did. He explained the whole process to me in a way I could understand and what the potential outcomes could be. Needless to say, it happened the way he said, and fortunately, I got the best outcome possible. Thanks Brent. You're the best!

—— Pat D., Feb 2018 -

Best Attorney ever!!! He will be the first call I make if anything ever happens again! Attorney Schafer was extremely knowledgeable and was able to reach a Very favorable outcome in both cases! He will tell you what you need to hear and if you call him panicking, I can guarantee you’ll feel a TON better when you get off the phone!! He actually listens to you! I will recommend him to everyone and will consult him with any issue we have in the future!!

—— Sarah L., Feb 2018 -

Brent is great to work with. He sets realistic expectations and works extremely hard to ensure those expectations are met. He's personable and he's a straight shooter. Not only will I be recommending him to anyone I know but at this point I will not consider consulting with any other attorney, regardless of the circumstances.

—— Joshua W., Jan 2018 -

Brent Schafer is the best attorney! I would highly recommend him! He answers his phone and emails right away. When I called him in a panic he listened, gave me advice on exactly what to do. When I got off the phone with him I felt so good inside because he cared enough about me and spent so much time on the phone with me. I cant say enough on how great he is! If you need help on a case, BRENT SCHAFER IS THE BEST!

—— Missie B., June 2017 -

Words cannot express the professionalism Schafer Law Firm has given me in my time of need. My phone calls and text messages were always anwsered promptly. I sincerely appreciate all of the help you have given to me and will always recommend your services. Thank you Brent Schafer

—— Paul N., May 2017 -

I called for a consult this morning. Mr. Schafer answered on the second ring and was able to give me a free consult on the spot. He provided great information and was very helpful and personable. I will be recommending him in the future for anyone who has similar needs.

—— Carol F., Feb 2015 -

Out of all of the attorneys I have had to deal with in the past, I have to say that Mr. Schafer is by far the best. He made sure to push back my court date until he had everything he needed to try my case. More than I can say for any other attorney I have dealt with. I remember leaving a hearing one day and we were stopped by an acquaintance of Mr. Schafer (colleague or client not sure) but he said to me "He your lawyer", "best in the 5 state area." I chuckled to my self, for I had not herd of the 5 state area before only the 3 state area. But looking back know I would agree with his statement. I would definitely recommend him for you legal needs.

—— Tom L., Jan 2018 -

Brent first contacted me to testify in the Koua Fong Lee hearing in which he helped Mr. Lee get out of prison after his Toyota accelerated unintentionally. That work was all pro bono – without pay. Think of what that meant to the Lee family! Two years ago I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle in the crosswalk. Brent filed suit and negotiated a settlement that I’m very satisfied with. He is professional, effective, easy to work with and honest. I'm glad I hired him. 

—— Dr.Powers, July 2017 -


Thank you so much for all your help Brent! I'm thankful that we were able to work through this tough situation with your assistance. My son's case happened on the weekend and Brent answered the phone when I called. This impressed me that he would take the time to help over a weekend. We were terrified and Brent assured us he could help. Brent was very knowledgeable about criminal defense. We felt he was thorough and kept our best interest at heart. He helped us through a difficult situation and the outcome was the best we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Brent Schafer. Thank you Brent for being there for us!


—— -


I was charged with 4th degree DWI in Golden Valley, MN. One of my very close friend referred me Brent Schafer's name and I contacted him right away. He started the document work straight away and was very detailed and knowledgeable throughout the process. Being an immigrant and with zero knowledge of any legal term, it was a terrifying experience for me but Brent helped me and explained everything with patients.

I had to move to different state and couldn't make it to a single court hearing but Brent have been an amazing help and handled everything in my absence. At the end, after lot of efforts and tons of court hearing he was able to reduce my DWI charges to less serious charge and we are happy with what we have got!


—— -


I had my first traffic violation in 2016. After speaking with few attorney's, I decided to hire Brent Schafer. His professionalism and willingness to get the best outcome for his client is obvious the moment you sit down with him. He did an excellent job for me and I cant' thank him enough! I would highly recommend his services!


—— -


Brent literally brought my case up out of no where. I was going through a different lawyer and he spent 6 years on it and pretty much told me there was nothing to be done. I contacted Brent and within a week was my statue of limitations and he opened the case again. It's been almost 9 years since my injury and Brent has saved me. I would recommend him in a heart beat he is very professional and very honest on everything. Brent is very worth your money and time.


Brent helped me out when I was in a jam. He was extremely professional and very competent,and most importantly, helped to get a very fair and acceptable resolution to my situation. It is always great to have a great lawyer in your corner when you need one. Brent is one of them.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Brent Schafer represented me in my DUI case and did an excellent job. He explained my options in great detail and was very respectful to me in my pre-trial meetings even though I was extremely ashamed of my actions. I felt he was respectful to the Judge during my trial which led to a favorable outcome for me. I hope I never have to use a Lawyer again but if I do I will not hesitate to call Brent for his assistance.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Mr. Schafer provided excellent guidance and direction to me while I was dealing with great uncertainty. He was able to communicate effectively the process and help me through various decisions. I was happy with Mr. Schafer's counsel and would recommend him to a friend or colleague.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Excellent , professional and great communication. Handled my case very quickly with effective outcome. I definitely would recommend him. Read more

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

My wife and I found ourselves in a legal mess and had retained a different attorney to start with. That attorney was extremely disorganized and basically told me to plead guilty to a charge I was not guilty of and move forward. I quickly realized I needed to change attorneys and luckily found Brent Schafer. Brent took the time to listen to both my wife and myself and spent extra time understanding our family and situation. He then guided us through the process of 1st appearances, the pre-trail.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Excellent, professional and great communication. Handled my case very quickly with effective outcome. I definitely would recommend him.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

In 2008 I was charged with a 3rd degree assault and DUI for a domestic dispute. Brent was very helpful in strategizing the case and worked with me on every step to get the best outcome. As a result, DUI was dropped and my conviction was Gross Misdemeanor. During the process my ex-wife also filed for a protection order which could have disallowed me to see my kids. He successfully argued to not have any protection order. I am very pleased with Brent's services.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Brent did an excellent job throughout the entire process by keeping me well informed of my options and outlining the different scenarios so I could make a well informed decision. He was honest with me and had my best interest at heart. I felt he was in my corner throughout and it gave me a great piece of mind. I would definitely call on him again and highly recommend him.

—— 5.0/5.0 - by a Private Individual

Couldn't have done it without him!!

I had to break a lease with a townhome company that I was renting from because of the loss my job. The management company of the townhomes, decided they wanted to bring me to litigation court for money owed to them for breaking the lease (which was rent I owed until my lease came to term, painting, locks, disposal of trash, etc). The money they were asking for was astronomical and ridiculous!! But, I knew that I couldn't fight this alone in court. This management team was hard pressed to get what they wanted. When searching for an Attorney to help me out with this, I came across Brent Schafer. I knew the passion he had for his clients and the impact he had when fighting cases for them. So, I called him and asked him if this was something he would take on. He did, with no hesitation. Brent was very thorough with what he needed from me, and what he could do. He explained everything from why the rental management company may be charging me this, and what they may buck at and want me to pay. He made a phone call to the management company and explained that I had retained him to work on this case. He told me they didn't budge with his first offer. He would continue, and wasn't going to give up until he got them to budge. It didn't take Brent long to get a good settlement for me from them. I didn't have to be there, he always kept me in the loop as to what was going on. Brent is extremely knowledgeable in the legal system. He puts in the time and effort into his clients, explaining everything has he goes. In the end, Brent saved me nearly $3,000!! I highly recommend Brent, and always give his name to people that may need help with legal issues. I would definitely hire Brent for any legal issue I have. I trust his work, his word, his knowledge. And I know he is in it for me, to make sure to get me the best outcome.

—— -

Legal Representation- Review Hearing

I hired Mr. Schafer for a loved one. We were very pleased with the outcome of the Court Hearing. There was conflict with the original sentencing agreement. Our loved one attempted to get his EHM started and was denied by the agency that sets up the equipment in the home. Turns out that the Judge only granted our loved one 30 days in jail, in addition to what agreed upon for him to serve in custody. At this Review Hearing, Mr. Schafer made it possible to present very well before the Judge and our loved one ended up NOT facing Probation Violation for an additional charge. Everything ran concurrent.

—— -

Regarding Brent Schafer

Brent was instrumental in assisting our family with some traffic ticket issues. He has a thorough understanding of the law and came through in a big way for my son Gavin and daughter Erin in two separate cases here in Eden Prairie, MN.

I would highly recommend Brent's services.

—— -

Excellent Representation

From the initial contact with Mr. Schafer, I felt right away that he was going to represent my interest in the best way possible. Brent looked at every angle of the case and left no stone unturned in my defense strategy. He kept us informed in every step of the process, which helped to calm the given fears of going through any legal matter. He achieved the best possible outcome for us, which we are forever grateful for. I would recommend Brent to any of our close family, friends and co-workers who might be in need of a top notch legal defense, without question. Thanks again Brent for your outstanding service. You are the BEST!

—— -

Legal Counsel for DUI Case

Brent was an excellent resource from the moment I contacted him. He was available to answer my questions beginning with a phone call from the police station late on a Friday evening (following my company's Christmas party -- Thank You very much). He continued to answer my questions and concerns quickly (even on a Sunday evening). His recommendations and counsel proved to be very valuable. Furthermore, what he asked for in compensation was more than reasonable. If you need legal help regarding a DUI, no need to look further than Mr. Brent Schafer.

Brent is not only an excellent lawyer, he cares greatly about his clients. I couldnt have asked for a greater person to help me in my difficult time!

Mr. Schafer's has been extremely helpful for me in dealing with multiple legal matters. From my divorce and real estate matters, to traffic violations, his vast knowledge of the law has proven to be invaluable to me and my family. I have used Brent's services on 4 or 5 different occasions and in each instance he has been very attentive, fair and quick to get matters handled. I will continue to use Brent as my main legal council for years to come, he's truly an asset to anyone needing legal help.

—— -


Brent did a superb job of keeping me informed and he took the time to make sure I understood what my options were. He answered any questions that I had in a way that I was able to understand. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and of other cases. He does the research necessary to make his case in order to insure his client can have the best possible outcome. When going through a difficult situation I felt confident knowing that I had the best person looking out for my best interest.

—— -

Brent Schafer Did a Great Job

My wife and I found ourselves in a legal mess and had retained a different attorney to start with. That attorney was extremely disorganized and basically told me to plead guilty to a charge I was not guilty of and move forward. I quickly realized I needed to change attorneys and luckily found Brent Schafer. Brent took the time to listen to both my wife and myself and spent extra time understanding our family and situation. He then guided us through the process of 1st appearances, the pre-trail, and the whole process we had ahead of us. He was always available to answer questions we had. In the end, he got all the charges against my dismissed as they should have been and I would highly recommend Brent to anyone who needs legal help.

—— -

Excellent Help for Out of State Client

I was in town on business when I got a DUI for just moving a coworkers car so we could get a taxi back to the hotel. Living out of state in South Carolina this created quite a mess for me to deal with and understand. Brent was very good at taking me thru the steps that Minnesota required and calming me down to deal with the reality of the situation no matter how ridiculous I found it. Since I had a previous incident in another state this only added to the possible charges being brought against me. Brent took the time to work each step and finally got my charges and penalties down to a level where I could keep my job (avoiding jail time or house arrest) and having no community service to boot which would have been tough to manage with as much as I travel.

Having not dealt with a legal system as complicated (to me anyway) as Minnesota's it was very helpful to have someone take the time to work thru each step of the process and fight to get me the best deal possible when he simply could have pushed me to take the first offer which would have probably not only cost me my job but my career in outside sales. He fought for what I wanted and he got it!

—— -