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North Dakota Burn Injury Lawyer

Fighting for burn victims in Minnesota, North Dakota and throughout the United States.

A burn injury may be the most painful injury any human being can ever experience. The burn event itself is excruciating but the pain continues during the course of treatment that involves painful infections and skin graft surgeries. These experiences are then followed by a long road of recovery that often results in a life of pain and disfigurement. While nothing can turn back the clock to prevent a burn injury from occurring, hiring an experienced burn injury lawyer is the first step ensuring you get compensated for the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering that resulted from the burn accident. Brent Schafer is a Minnesota and North Dakota burn injury lawyer with deep experience working with clients who have suffered horrendous burn injuries while working in the Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota.

A surprising number of fires and explosions are preventable. Building code violations, improper installation of gas lines, defective or improperly maintained products are only a few examples of causes of action that may provide you or a loved one with the compensation they need and deserve. No matter the cause, if you have been burned through no fault of your own, call a North Dakota attorney who specializes in burn injuries. Brent S. Schafer and the Schafer Law Firm is North Dakota’s burn injury lawyer and will stand by you to assure a just recovery.

Seek an immediate investigation by a tough-minded attorney.

Brent Schafer appreciates that a lawsuit is often not a priority to a burn victim or family members. Burn injuries are often debilitating and require long hospital stays. In fact, a lawsuit should not be an issue in a time of this type of sudden and tragic accident. However, burn injury cases are sometimes won or lost in the days and sometimes hours after the incident. Structures are destroyed, chemicals removed and disposed and crucial evidence simply destroyed.

Burn injury victims need to focus on healing. Let an experienced personal injury attorney in North Dakota handle the immediate investigation. It is important to have boots on the grounds immediately following the incident collecting evidence supporting recovery for your suffering. The responsible party will certainly have their team of attorneys and investigators on the scene. You need your as well.

Even if you are unsure whether or not your burn injury was due to the negligence of another, a North Dakota burn injury lawyer at Schafer Law Firm will give you a free case review to determine if you have a burn injury cause of action that is worth pursuing. Receiving money damages will not only help pay for your medical bills and time missed from work, but it may also give you some peace of mind that justice was served. Schafer Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees unless there is a recovery.