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The criminal defense lawyer who fights aggressively for your rights.

Serving Dakota and Scott Counties and all of Minnesota.

Schafer Law Firm fights tirelessly for clients accused all criminal offenses including the following crimes:

While fifth degree assault is a misdemeanor offence, first-degree assault is a felony punishable by fines and confinement in a state prison. Our firm can help you build a strong defense if you face charges for any type of assault.

Have you been charged with Assault? Learn More

Cars, trucks and motorcycles are considered dangerous weapons if operated or used irresponsibly. If you are charged with criminal vehicular operation, attorney Brent S. Schafer is ready to rush to your side and protect your rights.

Have you been charged with Criminal Vehicular Operation? Learn More

Alcohol Related driving offenses and Test Refusal charges are perhaps the most common and becoming the most serious when comparing the statutory mandatory jail sentences that are imposed. Brent S. Schafer has handles DWI/DUI and Test Refusal cases for over 20 years, including license revocation and vehicle forfeiture issues that often accompany alcohol charges.

Have you been charged with A DUI? We can help.

Drug crimes of any degree can affect your future and your reputation. Schafer Law Firm, P.A. competently and passionately defends you if police arrest you for selling, possessing or manufacturing drugs.

Depending on the circumstances of your theft case, you could lose your freedom. We thoroughly review the circumstances of your case and then devise an effective defense strategy for you.

Burglary crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. Regardless of whether the state charges you with first-degree or fourth-degree burglary, you need guidance from an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible.

The killing of another person is the most serious crime in the criminal justice system. Individuals who have been arrested for homicide must seek immediate and competent legal help.

If you are out on parole or on probation, you must obey your supervisor. If you are accused of violating a parole or probation order, seek skilled legal aid immediately.

The Schafer Law Firm, P.A. maintains knowledge about recent gun law developments. The firm fights for your rights if you face charges for unlawful firearm possession or another type of gun crime.

Interfering with a 911 call is not a prank. In fact, the State considers it a misdemeanor offense. If you are accused of this offense, we will help to build your defense.

A sex crime conviction can lead to a lengthy prison sentence and registration as a sex offender. Defense attorney Brent S. Schafer has handled complex sex crime, sex assault and sexual misconduct cases. He uses his more than 20 years of experience to help you create a solid defense.

If convicted of kidnapping and false imprisonment, you face a wide range of penalties, including prison time, fines, probation, counseling and possibly the death penalty. For a legal situation this grave, Brent S. Schafer is your best advocate.

The Schafer Law Firm, P.A. charges a flat fee to handle all criminal matters. Fees vary depending on the criminal charge and the goals of the client.

                                            Experienced Criminal Law Attorney in Scott County, MN & Nearby Areas

Facing Minnesota criminal charges is scary. Police and prosecutors do their best to seek tough penalties. Hire a criminal law attorney in Scott County, MN with more than 23 years of courtroom experience who knows exactly how to fight these charges and protect your rights.

From misdemeanor DUI/DWI/Test Refusal to First Degree Murder charges, criminal defense attorney Brent S. Schafer has represented individuals in nearly every county in the State of Minnesota.


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About Schafer Law Firm

Nationally recognized, award winning fighter for your rights.

Mr. Schafer began his legal career working for two Minnesota District Court judges, then as a Minnesota County Attorney where he prosecuted criminal matters and argued appellate issues at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Brent Schafer has been honored as a Minnesota Attorney of the Year, a Minnesota Super Lawyer and was a finalist for National Trial Lawyer of the Year.

A graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, Mr. Schafer is a recognized authority who has presented at several continuing legal education seminars as well as made appearances on local and national news programs discussing legal matters.

Mr. Schafer achieved national recognition during his fight to release Koua Fong Lee from state prison. Mr. Lee had been convicted of criminal vehicular homicide after his Toyota Camry unexpectedly accelerated, crashing into another vehicle and killing three people in St. Paul. Mr. Schafer reopened Mr. Lee’s case and ultimately convinced a judge to release Mr. Lee from prison and grant him a new trial. The case was soon dismissed by the prosecutor. Mr. Schafer was honored with the first-ever Never Forgotten Award, presented by the Innocence Project of Minnesota for his work on the Lee case.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, you’re probably very concerned about what the future holds. Brent S. Schafer and the Schafer Law Firm provide a high-quality, aggressive defense to your charges, all while communicating closely with you so you know exactly where your case stands at all times. Retain the services of the Schafer Law Firm and get a tenacious criminal law attorney in Dakota County, MN to provide the defense representation and emotional support you need throughout the process.

Contact a determined attorney with more than 23 years of experience defending Minnesotans.

If you’ve been arrested on any charges from DUI to homicide, the Schafer Law Firm, P.A. is ready to help. Our firm serves Dakota and Scott Counties as well as the rest of Minnesota. For experienced and capable defense counsel, call 651.209.1919 or contact the firm online to schedule a free consultation.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

quoteI have seen Mr Schafer try cases and have personally dealt with him on a number of issues. He is an excellent lawyer, a person who is honest, straight forward and an accomplished trial lawyer. end quote
- Jim C., March 2018

quotePerfect mix of professionalism, knowledge, experience and perspectives ! end quote
- Santosh S., August 2018

quoteSchafer law firm truly CARES about people! One attorney spent a half hour assisting me and gave me GREAT advice! I spoke to 5 other lawyers from different firms around the Twin Cities, and Schafer Law Firm was the BEST!!!! Thank you for your help! end quote
- Cynthia D., March 2018

quoteI interviewed 3 attorneys to help me when I was in a bad situation. Mr. Schafer was the one I chose. Glad I did. He explained the whole process to me in a way I could understand and what the potential outcomes could be. Needless to say, it happened the way he said, and fortunately, I got the best outcome possible. Thanks Brent. You're the best!end quote
- Pat D., Feb 2018

quoteBest Attorney ever!!! He will be the first call I make if anything ever happens again! Attorney Schafer was extremely knowledgeable and was able to reach a Very favorable outcome in both cases! He will tell you what you need to hear and if you call him panicking, I can guarantee you’ll feel a TON better when you get off the phone!! He actually listens to you! I will recommend him to everyone and will consult him with any issue we have in the future!!end quote
- Sarah L., Feb 2018

quoteBrent is great to work with. He sets realistic expectations and works extremely hard to ensure those expectations are met. He's personable and he's a straight shooter. Not only will I be recommending him to anyone I know but at this point I will not consider consulting with any other attorney, regardless of the circumstances.end quote
- Joshua W., Jan 2018

quoteOut of all of the attorneys I have had to deal with in the past, I have to say that Mr. Schafer is by far the best. He made sure to push back my court date until he had everything he needed to try my case. More than I can say for any other attorney I have dealt with. I remember leaving a hearing one day and we were stopped by an acquaintance of Mr. Schafer (colleague or client not sure) but he said to me "He your lawyer", "best in the 5 state area." I chuckled to my self, for I had not herd of the 5 state area before only the 3 state area. But looking back know I would agree with his statement. I would definitely recommend him for you legal needs. end quote
- Tom L., Jan 2018

quoteBrent first contacted me to testify in the Koua Fong Lee hearing in which he helped Mr. Lee get out of prison after his Toyota accelerated unintentionally. That work was all pro bono – without pay. Think of what that meant to the Lee family! Two years ago I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle in the crosswalk. Brent filed suit and negotiated a settlement that I’m very satisfied with. He is professional, effective, easy to work with and honest. I'm glad I hired him. end quote
- Dr.Powers, July 2017